The map inside Ulixes allows to orientate in the current route and and to find new routes and places.
The user can search new routes by • category • keywords • position on map

The stages allow user to consult text, photos, video and audio in an easy and intuitive way.
But the real stars of an Ulixes routes are the riddles.
Solve the riddles, earnpoints and climb the way to the top!

Ulixes creates a sponsors network, made of commercial activities near route’s stages. Sponsors in the network buys visibility from Ulixes.

Ulixes sponsor system is very targeted on tourists and is geolocalized; it’s ideal for commercial activities like restaurants, souvenir shops, etc. In addition, it’s granted to work also offline and grants an accurate reaching rate

Ulixes offers a store of touristicroutes, free or paid, organized in stages rich of textual contents and multimedia.
The user experience is enriched by riddles that accompany each stage,  making unique the Ulixes experience.
Ulixes also lets the usershare his progress with friends, allowing challenges to the last riddle!

An Ulixes route is organized in stages, helping the tourist to explore the city in the best way.
Route’s duration, preview on the map and votes of other users will help the tourist to choosebetween the various available routes.

Offline experience Once a route has been downloaded, user can explore and play it even offline. Progresses will be synced as soon as possible.

Cloud synchronization Routes scores are synchronized through all user devices, granting a continuous experience between all platforms

Multi platform Ulixes will be available on iOS, Android and Windows platforms

A sponsor inserts on the Ulixes Sponsors Web Portal hisposition and hisadvertisement
The sponsor’s ad appears in all the stagesnear his position