is a simple, immediate and fun multiplayer game with a training component. The aim of the game is to be able to survive an elimination race that involves the launch of an "explosive" object between the participants.

an interactive touristic guide, an unique and catching way to explore monuments, naturalistic environments, museums and cities, an innovative concept of "social tourism".

The first intelligent home automation system for the garden. Combined with innovative sensors, it allows saving on the cost of water. Cloud-based, wireless, long battery life, smart features.

allows you to find work and find the best professional. The advanced features allow you to receive suggestions on writing your CV, identify the best job opportunities, avoid invalid companies. For companies it becomes easy to find the best resource, to understand where projects are found with a type of technology, to identify customer references

is a professional BBQ thermometer with a companion app for your Android or iOS smart phone. hanks to its WiFi connection allow you to monitor your pit from all the house without worrying of the low range of others technologies. But there is more, the cloud service allow you to monitor your bbq also when you are temporarily away from your house. You can enjoy your life or make a trip to the grocery store while waiting for your cook to be ready.

is an innovative solution for managing the input on PCs. It is a modular solution that allows you to build the best input system based on the game or application